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Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure Food Security and an improved livelihood for Nigerian Smallholder Farmers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower smallholder farmers, ensure food security and environmental sustainability. We do this by developing and commercializing life-changing technologies that solve the biggest daily challenges for Nigeria's 8 million smallholder farming households.

The Team​


Olawale Ale

Co-founder (Products and Projects)

Kenneth Okonkwo

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Toheeb Akinkunmi

Chief Engineer
Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us


We provide a sustainable alternative to costly and expensive petrol pumps, thereby helping farmers to reduce operational costs and save money.

Save Time

The efficiency and quick functionality of our Solar irrigation kit helps farmers to save and manage time effectively for other activities.

Reduce Labour Intensity

Our product helps farmers to reduce the labour intensity of irrigation.

Protect Your Environment

Our product replaces environmentally harmful petrol pumps with environmentally friendly and affordable solar powered solution

Increase Yield and Income

Farm productivity and profitability is increased by 200% through the use of our product

Proven Record of Excellence

Over the years, we have provided succor to the aging pains of small holder farmers. Our expertise and excellent sevice delivery gets us going.

Our Partners

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